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 Alaudae Armoured Detachment [BRG-HS15-301]   BRG-HS15-301   Brigade Models   Alaudae Armoured Detachment [BRG-HS15-301]   $95.70   1  Buy Now 
 Apollo [BRG-SF15-101]   BRG-SF15-101   Brigade Models   Apollo [BRG-SF15-101]   $11.60   1  Buy Now 
 Artemis [BRG-SF15-103]   BRG-SF15-103   Brigade Models   Artemis [BRG-SF15-103]   $11.60   1  Buy Now 
 Athena VTOL [BRG-SF15-111]   BRG-SF15-111   Brigade Models   Athena VTOL [BRG-SF15-111]   $25.40   1  Buy Now 
 British 3 Barrel + Crew [BRG-SF15-165D]   BRG-SF15-165D   Brigade Models   British 3 Barrel + Crew [BRG-SF15-165D]   $4.30   1  Buy Now 
 British HQ Section (x5) [BRG-SF15-162]   BRG-SF15-162   Brigade Models   British HQ Section (x5) [BRG-SF15-162]   $3.30   1  Buy Now 
 British HQ Section, Glengarries (x5) [BRG-SF15-162g]   BRG-SF15-162g   Brigade Models   British HQ Section, Glengarries (x5) [BRG-SF15-162g]   $4.00   1  Buy Now 
 British Mechanized Platoon [BRG-SF15-171]   BRG-SF15-171   Brigade Models   British Mechanized Platoon [BRG-SF15-171]   $43.50   1  Buy Now 
 British Mechanized Platoon, Glengarries [BRG-SF15-171g]   BRG-SF15-171g   Brigade Models   British Mechanized Platoon, Glengarries [BRG-SF15-171g]   $43.50   1  Buy Now 
 British Platoon, Glangarries [BRG-Sf15-170g]   BRG-SF15-170g   Brigade Models   British Platoon, Glangarries [BRG-Sf15-170g]   $12.30   0  Buy Now 
 British Platton Pack (x25) [BRG-SF15-170]   BRG-SF15-170   Brigade Models   British Platton Pack (x25) [BRG-SF15-170]   $12.30   1  Buy Now 
 British Rifle Squad (x10) [BRG-SF15-160]   BRG-SF15-160   Brigade Models   British Rifle Squad (x10) [BRG-SF15-160]   $5.40   1  Buy Now 
 British Rifle Squad, Glengarries (x10) [BRG-SF15-160g]   BRG-SF15-160g   Brigade Models   British Rifle Squad, Glengarries (x10) [BRG-SF15-160g]   $5.40   1  Buy Now 
 British Support Weapons [BRG-SF15-161]   BRG-SF15-161   Brigade Models   British Support Weapons [BRG-SF15-161]   $2.90   1  Buy Now 
 British Support Weapons, Glengarries [BRG-SF15-161g]   BRG-SF15-161g   Brigade Models   British Support Weapons, Glengarries [BRG-SF15-161g]   $2.90   1  Buy Now 
 British Tripod Gatling + Crew [BRG-SF15-165C]   BRG-SF15-165C   Brigade Models   British Tripod Gatling + Crew [BRG-SF15-165C]   $4.30   1  Buy Now 
 British Tripod MG + Crew [BRG-SF15-165A]   BRG-SF15-165A   Brigade Models   British Tripod MG + Crew [BRG-SF15-165A]   $4.30   1  Buy Now 
 British Tripod Railgun + Crew [BRG-SF15-165B]   BRG-SF15-165B   Brigade Models   British Tripod Railgun + Crew [BRG-SF15-165B]   $4.30   1  Buy Now 
 Fasolini Company Detachment [BRG-HS15-401q]   BRG-HS15-401q   Brigade Models   Fasolini Company Detachment [BRG-HS15-401q]   $68.10   1  Buy Now 
 Fasolini Company Detachment [BRG-HS15-401]   BRG-HS15-401   Brigade Models   Fasolini Company Detachment [BRG-HS15-401]   $108.80   1  Buy Now 
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