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Crossed Lances: Rules for Jousting

“Jousting is simply a game of up and down with little or no game content “

The Crossed lances rule set will prove differently, there is more to the fine art of Jousting as a game than simply going up and down the tilts. We have developed the use of a single die role system that is quick and easy to use within the game, this single die role links into the hit charts. With the use of Lord cards and skill cards you make best use of you abilities thus making the game interesting and entertaining. We use the single die role to gauge your movement down the tilt, in the optional rules in the second set we have added an interesting twist to the fatal double one.

The mounted melee uses a move system using hexes, which can be played on any terrain or board, used in various sequences to facilitate the horse movement. In both games the players use Lord cards and skill cards to fight the combats that will arise. We believe , along with the test players, two being history professors, that the outcome of the combats are very realistic.

The skill cards are taken from a pack of 30 randomly and unseen, once drawn these cards are reviewed and played in the order that you think will benefit you. Each card has a plus or a minus on it for the knights, this reflects the better hits you might make, these cards are revealed once two knights are in the ‘Attain’, or if the have passed through and make a ‘Lesser Attain’, the cards are counted and difference is the pints scored by the winner.

The move dice rolls are used to move down the tilts, if an ‘Attain’ is made these dice once the skill cards have been used gives you the area and type of hit made, in the mounted melee the dice are used in combat after all movement ahs been made and a combat is required to be made.

The game also includes the involvement of the knight’s squire who helps their Lord, or Knight, when in need to get through the two rounds of the Tourney. The game can be played solo, as a two player game or as a multi-player game. The rules have been designed to be quick, fun to play and with realistic outcomes whist bring in children into the world of war-gaming.

We have a 2nd rule book under construction at the moment with anticipated release in April 2014. This book is the extension to the first book and will include a foot melee game and an Archery competition. We have also built in an adventure type game for the squires to be involved in, knights who have been eliminated from the mounted or foot melees can now still play within the game using their squire figure, this prevents players standing around whilst the melee is down to the last two knights. All of these events link back to your Knight and Lord points scoring in order that they gain greater honours. Using these points we can take our knights from Tourne to Tourne and increase his skills and standing.

To make the game even more interesting, we have developed what we have called dastardly deeds, this is new set of cards which allow historical events to unfold, adding a whole new dimension to politics and kinship, with insults being thrown, treasonable actions, casting curses and being accused of witchcraft, this intrigue is controlled by the Games Master. These rules can be used with 6mm figures through to 54 mm figures. We are offering an exclusive range of 28mm figures to play with the rule set if you want to purchase them.



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