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Rommel is a tabletop game of great battles in the European and Mediterranean theatres of the Second World War.

The player takes the role of a general commanding an entire division, or elements of several divisions, or an entire corps or even an army. Units represent companies and battalions. Tens of thousands of men and machines clash for control of miles of territory. Make decisions about the application of air power, engineering, the use of reconnaissance, the commitment of mobile reserves, and many other things.

Rommel can be played with miniature figures and terrain -OR- with “unit cards” on any flat surface. You may in fact use both in the same game, since the cards can act as labels and play-aids for your bases of miniatures.

The basic game introduces players to the operational decisions of a second world war general. Two players can complete a game in 2-3 hours. The full advanced game features:

  • Large battles and multi-player games.
  • A complete army and battlefield creation system for fictional scenarios, including thirteen army lists for six major powers.
  • Guidelines for players who want to create their own historical scenarios from famous battles.
  • Detailed rules for things like amphibious and airborne operations, cavalry, minefields, pioneer and special assault units, and much more.

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